These are our standard prices before any discounts are applied. Consult the specials page for information on the discounts offered when purchasing multiple services.

Please note that if you pay for services in advance, you have one year from the time of payment to use those services, or to request a refund. Refund requests after a year will not be honored.

Additionally, if you make an appointment and then decide to cancel it, you will be charged a $10.00 "no call, no show" fee if you do not contact us at least one hour prior to the appointment that you need to cancel.

Electrolysis Price Chart
15 Minutes $30.00 30 Minutes $45.00
45 Minutes $60.00 60 Minutes $80.00
90 Minutes $120.00 120 Minutes $145.00

Body Waxing Price Chart (unisex)
Arms $30.00 Back $50.00 Chin $7.00
Ears $10.00 Eyebrows $13.00 Feet $10.00
Fingers $10.00 Full Chest $50.00 Full Face $18.00
Full Legs $110.00 Half Legs $50.00 Lips $7.00
Neck $10.00 Shoulders $10.00 Underarms $20.00

Waxing Price Chart (women only)
see waxing page for descriptions
Bikini $25.00 Brazilian $45.00
Playboy $65.00 Sphinx $65.00

Men's "bikini wax" style services start from $75.

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